READY-COMPONENTS An Adobe XD Plugin for ready made mobile components.

Rohit Methwani
3 min readJun 13, 2019

“Only if I had more time!” Ever heard yourself saying this about projects from time to time? (You know you’re guilty.) Time can be one of the biggest obstacles to getting more done as a freelance designer.

Regardless of your experience level, there are ways to speed up the common design tasks. You can find this not-so-well-known plugin below very helpful for your workflow.

Pick your mostly-used components and quickly access its design

This plugin provides ready-made components which are generalized and can be used in any of the UI design. These components can be customized to the designer’s choice and needs e.g. Colors and various properties can be changed very easily with just few clicks.


· Ease of use is the biggest feature of this plugin

Plugin can be found in an online curated list of plugins of adobe xd and installed with one simple command.

· Low overhead for designers

Ready made use of components saves time.

· Easily customizable

Colors and all the properties of the component can be easily changed and components can be placed easily wherever the designer wants.

· Easily drag-gable

The components are not placed automatically your desired place when you trigger the shortcut or select from menu. You have to drag the component to your desired place.

· Open-source

If you are a designer and have such creative ideas for generalized components that can help other designers through the plugin then jump to the link to contribute to the plugin

How to install it?

* Ready Components is available on the XD Plugin store. Just open plugin manager and search for ‘Ready Components’.

Learn how to use it easily in the steps below

* Open the Canvas:

o Select menu option in the upper left corner of your screen.

o Navigate to Plugins option.

o You can see Ready Components. Select which component you want.

o The component is ready on your screen.

o Or else see the shortcuts for easy usage.

shortcuts to add components


· Checkout this example of UI generated by ready

E-commerce ui generated by ready

· If you find this plugin useful drop a comment.

· Feature requests and feedback’s accepted on mail

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